POLAPGEN Consortium – purpose and rules

The POLAPGEN Consortium agreement, was signed on 25 July 2008. According to this document the membership is open to universities, research institutes, R&D units, enterpreneurs and other units, which act in conform with the purpose and target of the Consortium.

Each new member must be unanimously approved by all current members.

The objectives of the Consortium are as follows:

  • development, propagation and implementation of new biotechnological methods for improving the biological progress in crop plants,
  • providing tools allowing to shorten the breeding process,
  • performing basic and applied research directed at solving most urgent problems connected with improving crop plants.

To achieve these objectives, the Consortium members will, in particular:

  • perform joint research in the area of genetic and molecular basis of the processes and phenomena connected with improvement of crop plants,
  • act in development of new technologies and services helpful for speeding the biological progress,
  • transfer advanced technologies and best practices to the breeding and seed industry,
  • help the breeding and biotechnological companies in obtaining new technologies required for their development and improvement of market position,
  • improve competitivity of scientific institutions in the market of labour and services,
  • optimize the utilization of scientific infrastructure available to the members,
  • organizing educational events, trainings and expert panels.

Practical activities will include, but will not be restricted to:

  • preparation of project applications to the Operational Program Innovative Economy 2007-2013,
  • preparation of other joint grant applications for research and develoment projects in the area of interest to the members,
  • preparation and realization of joint investment projects required for achievement of scientific and developmental targets,
  • preparation of training programs in the area of plant biotechnology.