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Consortium POLAPGEN, PROPLAN and the Instytute of Plant Genetics, Polish Academy of Sciences invite to a one-day scientific workshop on the topic "High-throughput measurement protocols in plant physiology", 11 December 2012.

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Consortium POLAPGEN and IPG PAS organized workshop on the topic "Next generation DNA sequencing – methods and applications", 21 October 2011.

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II POLAPGEN Consortium Board Meeting, 11 January 2011

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POLAPGEN Consortium Board Meeting, 6 January 2010

In the meeting all Consortium members were represented by:

  • dr Zofia Banaszak („DANKO” Plant Breeders Ltd. in Choryn),
  • dr Zdzisław Paszkiewicz (Poznan Plant Breeders in Tulce),
  • prof. dr hab. Maciej Stobiecki (Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry PAS, Poznan),
  • prof. dr hab. Janusz Koscielniak (University of Agriculture in Krakow),
  • prof. dr hab. Jolanta Biesaga-Koscielniak (Institute of Plant Physiology PAS, Krakow),
  • prof. dr hab. Wojciech K. Swiecicki, doc. dr hab. Pawel Krajewski (Institute of Plant Genetics PAS, Poznan),
  • prof. dr hab. Janusz Jankowiak (Institute of Agricultural and Forest Environment PAS, Poznan),
  • prof. dr hab. Zofia Szweykowska-Kulinska, prof. dr hab. Artur Jarmolowski (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan),
  • prof. dr hab. Hanna Bandurska (Poznan University of Life Sciences),
  • prof. dr hab. Iwona Szarejko (Silesian University, Katowice),
  • prof. dr hab. Grzegorz Jozefaciuk (Institute of Agrophysics PAS, Lublin),
  • doc. dr hab. Alicja Pecio (Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation – National Research Institute, Pulawy).

Dr. Tadeusz Drzazga from Malopolska Hodowla Roslin was invited as a guest. The meeting was chaired by doc. dr hab. Pawel Krajewski.


  1. Information about the Annex to the Consortium Agreement
  2. Consortium logo
  3. Project POLAPGEN-BD
  4. Promotion of the Consortium and the project in 2010
  5. Plans in the area of grant applications – information from the meeting at OPI on 11.12.2009 (P. Krajewski)
  6. Will Poland join ERA-PG-continuation?
  7. All other matters

Next Board Meeting will be organized in January 2011 within the next POLAPGEN-BD workshop.

Photo from the meeting